The Holt Vision

Holt VisionA summary of the Vision project

Published in February 2012, after six months of information gathering and consultation the Vision had the key purpose of producing a visioning study for the development of key community, economic and environmental improvements for Holt and its hinterland for the next 5 years. Ultimately the improvements will be aimed to have long term sustainable benefits achieving positive impacts for the next 25 years.

About the Project

The Vision was something which had been originally identified by the Holt Planning Group – a group formed by the Town Council and other partners in the town. The underlying task for the Vision partners was to provide a more coordinated and pro-active forum through which specific projects can be identified, promoted, consulted upon and, most importantly, delivered.

The partnership has had regular meetings through which it has built strong relationships between the community, private and public sectors. After a tendering process it appointed Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners to undertake a Vision Study for the historic town of Holt in August 2011.

The brief for the work included the requirement to consult local residents, businesses and service organisations about options to: improve pedestrian and shopper access around key central areas ease traffic flows; enable people to engage more easily with North Norfolk’s training and skills development opportunities and to bring job opportunities; strengthen social cohesion; enhance the built environment and the public realm.

Following the appointment of the consultants a timeline of progress for the Vision Study was agreed. This included time spent with the community at a Market Stall outside Budgens at the end of September. From this consultation the views of the local people and visitors were considered for inclusion in the study. The practitioners then presented a draft overview from their studies of the town and their public consultation, and this was considered by the Vision partners. Consultation then went back to the community with an exhibition in town in the middle of December. At this community members and visitors were invited to give their views on the draft Vision on a feedback form. The practitioners took these views on board and then made a final public presentation in January 2012.

We were delighted to see so many people come along to this presentation. Themed strategies identified at the presentation were centred around a flourishing shopping and visitor centre; a strong and thriving community and enhancement of the public realm.

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The progress of the Project

Thanks to a great many people giving their time as members of the Vision Board and thanks to the organisations who helped fund the project we now have a valuable document to take Holt forward for the next 15 – 20 years. The practitioners outlined many possible projects within the Vision draft. All of the projects can be trialled.

Some of the projects require little funding, others a great deal of funding. The Vision is available as a document to help guide the future of our town. It will also, hopefully be able to unlock the door to funding pots for the projects. The progress of the Vision Study will now be under the auspices of a small overarching group of expert local partners. The progress of projects will be undertaken through a widely represented Committee of the Town Council – The Vision Committee.

Further Information

If you would like more information on the Vision Committee visit this page.

If you would like to read the Vision then a copy is available to loan at the library or Town Council (it is 106 pages long) or as a CD.

We welcome people with specific skills within our community to come forward and help us with the projects. For more details on the projects identified in the Vision visit this page.

If you would like more information on the Vision Study please contact the Town Clerk telephone 01263 712149 email

Ideas for increasing public spaces

Ideas for increasing public spaces

An idea for a new public space at Shirehall Plain

An idea for a new public space at Shirehall Plain Web Design, Norfolk