Neighbourhood Plan

Holt Town Council is hosting a launch event for the Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 16th October 2014, 8.00am – 8.00pm, plenty of information, free prize draw, activities for the children, food and drink.  The Mayor and the Town Councillors look forward to meeting you and hearing how you would like Holt to be in the future.

Holt has secured £20,000 government funding to undertake a Neighbourhood Plan. This will be done in consultation with North Norfolk District Council. We have been asked by North Norfolk District Council to write to them detailing our proposals for the process. The Neighbourhood Plan Process – an outline (pdf doc)

What is a Plan?

The plan offers residents a leading role in determining the nature of new development and ensuring that it complies with the highest standards of design, conservation and sustainability.

The Neighbourhood Plan should determine what elements of the existing environment the community values most highly. It can:

Key questions

Who has already written a Plan?

76% Say Yes to Thame Neighbourhood Plan – Published 7th May 2013

Last week Thame Town Council made history by becoming the first local council – led Neighbourhood Plan to be endorsed in a public referendum when 2779 people voted in favour of South Oxfordshire District Council adopting the Plan. On the same day residents from the neighbourhood of St James in Exeter also approved their Plan. Previously a planning authority-led Plan had been approved for Upper Eden in Cumbria.

The Thame Neighbourhood Plan was first initiated just under two years ago and community consultation and engagement has been at the heart of its development process. Thame has made history by being the first Neighbourhood Plan to allocate sites for development, and is therefore unique. The key innovation was making sure that the Plan reflected local people’s views and aspirations and to encourage the people of Thame to take control over the future of their town. Thame’s Plan is an exemplar to others, demonstrating that Neighbourhood Plans, and the communities involved in shaping them, have the potential to have significant planning weight.


The Plan and excellent supporting documents can be viewed here.

So where are we in the process?

We held a public meeting in July 2012. This was well attended.

After the official launch date we issued a questionnaire to every resident in Holt.  The results of this was very interesting and can be viewed here Web Design, Norfolk