Holt Allotments

Holt Allotments are situated just off Mill Street in Holt. The land still holds the name of ‘The Holt Discharged Soldiers And Sailors Federation Allotments Society’. It is also affiliated to the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners.

Holt Allotments

There are around 80 members at the Holt Allotments, the plots are various sizes and measured in rods. Having an allotment is very fashionable, to grow your own and be organic, hence there is always a waiting list, and the plots are very reasonably priced!

There are strict rules as to keeping your allotment tidy, and having an allotment can be quite hard work, water taps are situated around the site for allotment holders to use.

A public footpath runs along the edge of the allotments, which takes you through to Peacock Lane.

Apart from all the crops which are harvested, the allotments have a social side as members lean on their spades for a chat, and also exchange plants and expert advice.

An occasional garden chair, a sandwich and a flask of tea can often be seen in the summer sunshine! Listening to the birds singing, or watching the busy bumble bees… it’s a very peaceful place to be and holds many therapeutic qualities.

Telephone 01263 712692 for further information.

Holt Allotments

Holt AllotmentsHolt Allotments

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